Trump, Recovery & Crowd work | Gujarati Stand Up Comedy by Manan Desai

30/11/2020 को प्रकाशित
This video was shot on 8th Nov 2020 at The Footlight Theatre, Ahmedabad with all the safety precautions and guidelines provided by the Government of India.
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CAMERA TEAM: Nisha Fefar
Sound Recording: Hem Bhatia
Production Head: Deep Vaidya
Production Team: Hem Bhatia, Raj and Dinesh
Edited & Packaged by: Manan Desai
Subtitles by: Aman Krishna
Created by: The Comedy Factory
Produced by: Vidya Desai
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  • Stay safe mitron. Ghare besine amara videos joya karo :)

    • Kindly make more mashups videos .. loved the last one ... we have watched so many times till date ...

    • Ha bhai

    • Ha bhai

    • Zoom Call na Crowd work to upload karo

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  • Manan over acting ni dukan


  • Good one Manan , liked all the videos good or bad ..always a fan

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  • New benchmark for Stand up comedians : Designer mask vadi chhokrio aai ti. 😷

  • subtitle dal de kallu

  • Hi Manan, I really love your writing and work. You guys (the comedy factory gang) are really cool. Is there anyway I could explore open mic with your group.. I currently work with HUL in marketing and have done few stand ups/acts in our conferences which got really overwhelming response among the audience of 350-400. However never tried a an open mic. My 5 videos are on my channel with my name - vidyut chavda.(all performed during conferences at HUL) Don't know how to connect with you guys. But wanted to if I could join, work, assist and build a connect with you and comedy factory to start with. Willing to connect. In the absence of your contact leaving my number here. Vidyut -9987980754

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  • Like the late George carlon said many many years ago everybody will be a afraid of germs !

  • Shout out to Georgia! #GujjuPride

  • Ashish chanchlani

  • Lots of love from Surat

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  • Request to every one plz do helpful.

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  • I hope Manan is doing well after recovering from Covid. Baki to emni comedy is world class. Btw we also want ojas on floor

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  • Why did he said ashish chanchlani at the end and wrote bhuvan bam into the subtitles?

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  • Sir I'm huge fan of your show, sir Monal gajjar of gujarath is in danger zone in bigg boss season 4 please support her she is fighting alone in bigg boss she needs love and warmeth, Monal gajjar is trolled by many unmatured people sir please use your influence to support Monal Gajjar, love from Telangana

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