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31/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
This video is the compilation of weird people we have noticed in every Gujarati office.
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Cast: Chirayu Mistry, Deep Vaidya, Aariz Saiyed, Om Bhatt, Rohan Pawar, Saloni Thakar, Hem Bhatia, Siddharth Jani, Nisha Fefar, Ronak Parekh
Directed by: Om Bhatt
Shot by: Praik Parmar
Written By: The Comedy Factory Team
Edited and Packaged By: Pratik Parmar
BGM By: Pratik Parmar
Additional Inputs BGM: Rohan Pawar
Production Team: Hem Bhatia.
Created by: The Comedy Factory
Produced by: Vidya Desai
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The Comedy Factory Team consists of Ex-Radio Jockeys, Full Time Mother, Musician, Engineer, MBA and NRI who have come together to ensure that madness and insanity prevails everywhere. We are in the business of manufacturing humor and churning out original content.
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  • Tame kaya character thi relate karo cho?

    • અમારી ઓફિસમાં આવિડીઓ માં બતાવેલા બધા નમૂના મળી આવે 😁🤣👌👌ખુબજ લય ભારી વિડીઓ

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