Flashback - Good Old Days Ft. @Vipul Goyal & @KuchBhiMehta | The Comedy Factory

4/09/2020 को प्रकाशित
Here is a small glimpse from the 9 hours of fundraiser live stream that we did to celebrate our 9th Anniversary.
Featuring @Vipul Goyal @KuchBhiMehta @Manan Desai @Chirayu Mistry @aariz saiyed
Ojas Rawal, Deep Vaidya, Preeti Das (From Mahila Manch) and Vidya Desai.
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Edited and Packaged By: Pratik Parmar (Pratikxox).
Thumbnail & Slate: Pratik Parmar (Pratikxox).
Created by: The Comedy Factory
Produced by: Vidya Desai
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  • Tame amara kaya show ma aavya cho?

    • Chirayu bhai was shows topper and Ariz didn't manage one laugh.

    • Baroda msu

    • and if yyou cannot take it ill be like a.............

    • bro if i have to have some special treatment to consult you all than i dont think that i wanna talk to ya but still i request you manan bhai and ojas and deep and chirayu that we can make a daaam good stuff but our gujarat is not developed that much

    • be bro i dont think so so that i need to come in every show i just want to to talk to you people coz i am a doctor and i just want to know what you are thinking

  • That boring dude in red t-shirt 🙄🥴😐 and background music😂🔥👌

  • Wheres that video of zakir, sourabh pant , manan desai where zakir said "har insaan 70% chutiya hota hai". Well , that video was way too funnier , and i wanted to watch it again. But im not able to find it on youtube . Has it been unlisted? That video was a gem. Please share it again.

  • Im just here for vipul baki r trash never heard off

  • Vipul Goyal is that person who owns every daaru party and roasts everyone..one of the finest comedian with true comedian personality..punch pe punch

  • Editor is roasting the panelists

  • Vipul goyal The Boss😍

  • Here only for vipul,.. You should use English or hindi for such interaction to reach more audience. As vipul said sabkko Gujrati nhi aati

    • Vipul pehele Marwadi mile mujhe jise gujrati nahi samaj aati😂

  • vipul bhabhi jaha bhi rhte ho tufn late ho

  • What's the name of the foreign comedian at 9:02?

  • I remember manan in comedy circus. Ojas to show me lead bhi tha

  • Vipul and akash❤❤❤

  • Vipul comes, roasts everyone & just owns the stream! 😄

  • ❤️❤️

  • It doesn't matter in which panel Vipul goes, wherever he goes he owns the panel

  • Gujarat mein sala ab clean hota hai kya bc comedians ko bhi censor krdiya INplans pe

  • Why you guys deleted Athul and vipuls interview ?

  • Why you deleted vipul Goyals interview ?

  • Ojas looks like Anshu Mor 🤔

  • Ojas ko chup krao yrr

  • Editor OP

  • Bhai editor Sara lavo

  • 🔥

  • Ojas...plz sui ja bhai.

  • Vipul goyal OP😂😂

  • Ab Preeti Ka standup comedy videos dekhna padega

  • Alya ojas ee bolavanu CHALU karyu nae ne mandyo jjj 6e ...😂😂😂

  • Vipul op.

  • Good to see you Ojas after a long time. Ojima was great and plz bring her back.

  • All of them are just so creative 🤩🤩 great artists ❤️❤️❤️ lots of love

  • Nani a loko jode aa video dislike karayo che 😂

  • Biswa,upamanyu Wala video dalo

  • Boass ... feeling aavi gayi! Khub aj saraassss

  • Manan bhai and all tcf team u all r doing amazing.. lots of love to all i wish to join ur team and work for u please give a chance 🥰🥰

  • inplans.info/first/mJuxy5ajq9GPX5s/v-iy New gujarati movie અફરા તફરી

  • Ojas rawal 👑

  • Oh tcfff!!! I'm not even kidding I got emotional while watching this whole video! How far you have comeeeee tcf😩😩❤ it was beautiful back then too!✨ I just love watching you grow and doing this great in your career!🌻 Idk why this video made me think.. Everything is possible if you just believe in yourself!❤ and for that #bomb 9th years of yours.. You have to start with those *first 8 disaster years!( which was absolutely exception in your case❤) I really wish you more and more success and happiness!❤❤ you have no idea how much I love this video..I was about to DM you that.... Tcf❤🌻

  • Ojas bhai overachiever op

  • Vipul is just like a senior citizen who doesn't let anyone speak.

  • @13:05 What an insensitive reference! Ojas puked,Vipul wiped off. Ojas behaved like one of my uncle who is clueless about when, where and what. P.S. can’t say any more about editing but in every burst of laughter, we find overselves sitting into Chirayu’s mouth.

  • editing bahu jaldbaji ma karyu lage che ne haji thodok lambo video hate to vadhare maja avte etle content wise

  • Oh man chirayu i came for Akash's laugh but enjoyed chirayu's laughter a lot 😂😂😂

  • TCF, you are the representatives of comedy culture in Gujarat, and you have done a tremendous job at that. I feel so proud to be a part of your audience, please know that numbers and statistics don't matter as long as your faithful audience is always by your side. Such snippets and videos entertain us a lot! Keep them coming! 😀

  • Ojas batman look was too good XD XD XD

  • Mara nani mani adat hti nak ma akhu mogranu flower ghusedi de and fre bindass ojash rawal is just maintaining this ritual 🙃😛

  • Vipul is the best

  • Editing 1 number🔥

  • itne zoom edits ki zarurat nahi thi :/

  • Tcf my favorite collective and happy to see ojas after a long time thanks tcf❤️😍

  • It not zoom it is tcf zoooooooo with chirayu....

  • Durex

  • Hahahahahahhahaha

  • It ojina not varjina

  • just came for one and only OP of indian comedy.... VIPUL GOYAL❤ rest all are ok...!😁😛

    • He is not only OP, He is the OG. @Vipul Goyal

    • 😂 I would say everybody is best

  • Petition to bring back Ogina

  • Amazing guys love ojas

  • Aakash mehta is the best comedian of Gujarat. But after manan, chirayu and deep 😂. Vipul sir op. Good job tcf keep growing.