Gujjus On Vacation | The Comedy Factory

16/01/2021 को प्रकाशित
A big shout out to The Fern Sattva Hotels and Resort, Dwarka, for hosting us and giving us a memorable experience!
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Cast: Dhyana Desai, Manan Desai, Vidya Desai, Chirayu Mistry, Deep Vaidya, Om Bhatt, Rohan Pawar, Saloni Thakar, Hem Bhatia, Siddharth Jani, Nisha Fefar, Rushi Prajapati, Aman krishna, Elvis Almeida, Pratik Parmar and Ronak Parekh.
Directed By: Vidya Desai
Assistant Director: Rushi Prajapati
BTS: Saloni Thakar and Nisha Fefar
Shot by: Pratik Parmar
Sound: Aman krishna and Elvis Almeida
Written By: The Comedy Factory
Edited and Packaged By: Pratik Parmar
BGM By: Pratik Parmar
Audio Leveling: Manan Desai
Production Team: Hem Bhatia
Audio Credits
O Betaji (Original) -
O Betaji (Remix by DJ Ravish) :
Created by: The Comedy Factory
Produced by: Vidya Desai
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  • Tamara vacation plans shu che?

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  • Thepla, nasty, khakhra..evu badhu to batado

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  • Love from USA. Thank you for visiting my hometown dwarka

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  • That's what she said😂😂😂😂


  • I met vidya desai mam n hem bhatia on my vacation.. Biju su jove

  • Very funny..little edition is very cute🤩

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  • Ssly when u were leaving from bus it was hurting because trip was ending lol

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  • Bhai bhaii. Layaa bapu laaya. So happy that our gujaratis are also making these kind of good stuff.

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  • Love that remake, oh betaji...😍 such a super video❤, by the way my true name is Manan and i dont like that name, so all of the near to me person called my nick name bt when i saw yr video nd than i love my original name bt no one called me Manan 😂😂 lots of love from kapadwanj ❤

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  • "" Any school and college students here........

  • 2021, I am ready was master stroke 😂😂

  • Video no End was Awesome... Full swag thi bharelo End

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  • Rohan's iconic dance moves can not be ignored. 😅 Foosball after chak de India kind of inspirational speech was OP. And that "Jati reje" moment. 🤣 Jene na karyu hoy e like, share & subscribe - "Free j chhe"...

  • Mast Rekatable

  • Thepla bhuli gaya Gujjus


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  • Superb. Amazing.😊👍.

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