Gujjus At The Mall | The Comedy Factory

24/12/2020 को प्रकाशित
The Comedy Factory presents Gujjus At The Mall
In Association with Inorbit Mall Vadodara, Gujarat.
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Cast: Kaushika Desai, Manan Desai, Vidya Desai, Chirayu Mistry, Deep Vaidya, Om Bhatt, Rohan Pawar, Saloni Thakar, Hem Bhatia, Aman Krishna, Rushi Prajapati and Nisha Fefar.
Directed by: Vidya Desai and Om Bhatt
Assitant Director: Saloni Thakar
Shot by: Pratik Parmar and Mohit Potdar
Written By: Om Bhatt, Hem Bhatia and Rushi Prajapati
Additional Writing Inputs: Chirayu Mistry and Siddharth Jani.
Sound: Hem Bhatia and Rushi Prajapati
Dubbing at Ahmon Studio, Vadodara
Edited and Packaged By: Pratik Parmar
Audio Leveling: Manan Desai
Production Team: Hem Bhatia, Rushi Prajapati and Nisha Fefar
Created by: The Comedy Factory
Produced by: Vidya Desai
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